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Test Your Knowledge - Match List


Overview Page - Test Your Knowledge questions: These are interactive style (matching, ordering, categorization, labeling) questions used to test the student’s incoming knowledge before completing the lesson.

Match List: Item association question between two draggable lists

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2. Select "Match List."

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3. Compose the question. SI bolds the question automatically.

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4. Add the appropriate verbiage to the “Stimulus list,” by clicking “+ADD”. The stimulus list are the statements that responses are matched to.

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5. Add the answers in ALPHABETICAL ORDER to the “Possible responses,” by clicking “+ADD”.

Responses can be grouped if desired. For example, an AP question may have students match the origin or insertion of muscles, the instructor could group the “Origin” responses and “Insertion” responses. Note: Grouping responses is mostly used for Classification questions.

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6. Below the section where stimuli and responses were added, under “Set correct answer(s),” drag the answers into the correct place.

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7. Open the “More options” drop-down.

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8. If the responses have more than two words, position the group of responses at the top by modifying the “Response container position”.

If the responses have two words or fewer, position the responses to the left of the stimuli. The default is set to bottom.

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9. The right side of the screen will show what the question will look like to students. You can test the question and show answers to double check the built question.

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10. Select "Save" at the top of the page.

11. On the Overview page, scroll to the new question and assign a point value.

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12. Select "Save" at the bottom of the Overview page to save the question.

The "Details" section can be edited as needed.

Correct answers must be placed or the "Save" button will not activate.

When editing a question after the initial build, the Save button does not activate until have made a change and also selected the "Show Answers" button on the right-hand side.

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