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Data Collection - Image Labeling


Under the Experimentation tab within an exercise, instructors have the option to "Add Data Collection."

Image Labeling: Labeling over a provided image.

1. In the Exercise tab, select "+Add Data Collection" then "Image Labeling."

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2. Fill in the following:

  • Full Name: ex. Photo 2: Cat Skeleton
  • Short Name: ex. Photo 2
  • Add any necessary instructions in the Compose Question box.
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3. Add the image by clicking on “+ADD”. Browse to the file, or drag and drop the file, into the pop-up. Accepted file types: png, gif, and jpg/jpeg.

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  • Image alternative text: Add a description of the image to remain ADA compliant.
  • Text on hover: add text the student will see when hovering over a response box.

4. Set Response Positions by selecting "+ADD" to create a new numbered box. Drag boxes into position.

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5. Set correct answers.

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6. Select "More options." Keep everything as default. If needed, the items under Extras can be edited.

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7. Select "Save" at the top of the page.

8. On the Exercise page, assign a point value to the Image Labeling.

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9. Scroll to the bottom and select "Save" to save the completed Image Annotation.

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